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Live free, or something…

Time moves on.

Brad Berson

What happened? A few things. I got tired of running servers from under my desk, playing the endless games of hacker whack-a-mole and software security updates du jour, and my server needs became too mission-critical to run from under my desk. The economics of doing so also have changed.

Ride or Die! OK, well, maybe not die. But the crap that was LULz and cool to my fellow nerds when Netscape 2.0 was the bleeding edge of technology, isn’t so amusing any more and the high-tech forward-and-back menu structure from 1990s HTML doesn’t have the widespread appeal it used to.

So I’m taking down most of my novelty web sites, burning down my servers, saving a ton of money on switching to Gei, er, on getting away from business class Interwebz connections, electricity, cooling, headache and heartburn medication etc., and forgetting about worrying about business continuity, points of failure and so on 24×7. It’s just not as fun as it was.

It’s All About the Destination. Oh, I’ll be slowly bringing some of the old stuff back on-line here and there, but in a somewhat more mature adult -like manner. Or putting it someplace where my name isn’t on it. For those who just can’t help their curiosity there’s always But for now, this WordPress template is a temporary measure to at least get my general presence back on the waxed strings that keep our bits, nibbles and bytes flowing.

And while my choice of a template full of motorcycle pictures was mostly coincidental, less server and infrastructure maintenance means more time to ride!

Oh, and, forget those hipsters and their sag wagon. All the gear, all the time!

Feel free to reach out to me, if you can figure out how! 🙂