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February 12, 2009 Yeah, I'm updating this page frequently, right??  I think I forgot it existed, but recovering from two crashed hard drives and a tape drive that ate my recovery tape helps refresh a person's memory.  After an expensive few days at Ontrack and a considerable amount of effort trying to merge an older backup and what was left of my server's data, we're back up and running.
December 1, 2003 Some more rants are on-line now, and there have been a few more Assholes At The Wheel added.  No spectacular changes to the web site otherwise.  There's also a few software reviews and an update on the hell of building your own PC.
February 1, 2003 Haha, after yet another YEAR it's time to clean up some of the broken links, add web statistics, etc.  Updated the Babel Fish translation links, the credits and repaired some scripts.  Added a tutorial on buying digicams.  I'm leaving the status reports at the bottom of this page because although I no longer have the time to sift through my logs in such painstaking detail, I still get a fascinating variety of visitors and what you see in those outdated reports is still pretty representative of the breadth of my audience.  The Lab is still a dumping ground for all the new stuff that I haven't figured out what to do with.  My latest hobby is maintaining the new RANTS page, which contain summaries of all the incessant and stupid crap that I'm utterly disgusted with.
November 1, 2001 Oh my GOD, almost a year since the last update here.  Well, there's a lot to tell you now...  The Rectaltronics products live at the web site http://rectaltronics.com exclusive of all else, and my Bureau of the Bizarre material has been moved to http://bytebrothers.org.  I also now have the address http://bytebrothers.net to handle the business end of things.  All this is being hosted from home, too, so hopefully these sites will be reliable.  Some long overdue attention is being paid to all the sites now too, so keep your eyes open!  Sorry to have let it languish, folks.  Making a web site is easy; keeping it current is something else entirely.
January 12, 2000 Happy new year!  More additions to Assholes at the Wheel, some much needed updates to the not-so-current Current Events page, some minor updates to Rectaltronics, and a spoof Harley Davidson video game ad, bring in this last remaining year approaching Judgement Day (yeah, right...).
August 11, 1999 Added links to page footers for language translations using AltaVista's Babelfish translator.
August 5, 1999 Added review of the new Nikon Coolpix 950 digital still camera, with sample photos.
May 3, 1999 A wonderful interactive addition to the web site today!  The totally free Y2K Compliance Testing Database!  This should take all the anxiety out of the upcoming millenium rollover.  Under The-Lab for now...
April 26, 1999 For you bikers out there, I've updated the Squid Purity Test so you can actually take the test and compare your squidliness against that of your brethren.  Over 70 people have already tried it.  What are you waiting for?  I've also put up a page that describes in realtime the hardware this web site is running on, added more material to the FrontPage tips, given Rectaltronics logo'd UL and CSA approval, and updated the WhoIs page to move its queries from Internic to NSI.
April 7, 1999 It's been busy around here what with my recent marriage <big, BIG smile!!!>, but a few things are still getting done during the initial weeks of marital bliss.  The first proof picture has been uploaded for Assholes At The Wheel, and I've ordered a new Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera so things are bound to get much more interesting (with prompt uploads) very soon.  Meanwhile, I'm beginning to organize a facelift for the web site.  Possibilities include web channels ("Rectaltronics Goes to Push Technology" sounds catchy!) and framed navigation.
March 15, 1999 Added God's Total Quality Management Questionnaire.
March 11, 1999 Rectaltronics has gone MAINSTREAM!  Today, my Jack Daniels "Mellow" Cam was listed on USA Today's web site.  The result?  Over 700 hits to that page by only 2pm.
March 5, 1999 Egads - my new listing on Yahoo! has multiplied the web site traffic by about ten times!  God help my ISP.  Thanks Yahoo!
February 18, 1999 The web server has been bouncing like crazy but in between crashes I've managed to create a nice ASP page to decode the logs in a blow-by-blow fashion that I prefer.
February 12, 1999 Added a few Frontpage counters in various places, tidy'd up some MSIE / Netscape incompatibilities, added yet more to the Frontpage section since it seems to be getting lots of traffic from search engines.
February 11, 1999 Logging is now turned on locally so I don't have to rely on external web counters any more, and I'm using WebTrends to go over the data.  Heckuva program!  The site has been crashing much more frequently lately, thanks to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Service Pack 4.  We'll back out that change right away.
February 7, 1999 Added more material and ASP code to the Frontpage Tips'n'Tricks.
February 4,. 1999 Fixed the Text Search.  Really I did!  Finally.  Wasn't my fault!   Changed most "outside" links that lead you away from rectaltronics.com, so that they open a new browser window.
February 2, 1999 Adding the "Assholes at the Wheel" page - a sort of tribute to NYC's piss-poor and obnoxious motorists.  Also adding a page for radio scanner enthusiasts with frequencies for NYC and tri-state area emergency services and other cool stuff.   Like most new orphan pages, both will be under The Lab.
January 25, 1999 Changed forms on the site to reliably e-mail and/or post information internally instead of relying on user's web browser being set up properly to send e-mail.  The Guest Book also delivers e-mail notification when updated now.  Also fixed some links and other features, and began serious work on spoofing Microsoft.  Added the Master WhoIs page, which includes some search forms I've found handy for checking IP addresses and domain names.
January 19, 1999 Added a new counter that gives me referrer data, and added a separate similar counter to the Rectaltronics (rtronics.htm) page so I could get an idea of where the traffic is coming from and going to.
January 10, 1999 Added detailed access reports to the Whats New page (all the way at the bottom of this table).   Things are starting to pick up speed here.  Thanks everyone!
January 7, 1999 Happy new year!  Can't believe how fast this year went by.  Minor updates to Credits page and some updated info on the LUCIFERnet / Bytebrothers page.
December 29, 1998 Put up an advertisement for my consulting services (artwork compliments of Larry Wasserman - see the Links page) and tossed up an inconspicuous test pattern with irritating test tone for no good reason at all.
December 23, 1998 Added the Pointless Personal Page.  Seems redundant, eh?  Now people can read about just how boring I really am.  Happy holidays!!!
December 11, 1998 Abe Hirschfeld arrest under Current Events.  He's my hero!
December 8, 1998 Added some new items to the Links page, put up a pic of me on Halloween in The Lab, put up a new page with some pics for Web-retarded Bytebrothers under the LUCIFERnet page.   Put my brother's resume on-line (hire him and get him out of our hair, please!).
November 10, 1998 Added Internet Specials to the Rectaltronics catalog.  Small changes to the Guest Book, and moved the PageCount guest book contents to my own Guest Book.  Added new items to Rectaltronics Compatibility Guide.
August 18, 1998 Put up photographs from my motorcycle trip to Sturgis.  Look under the Motorcycles area.  Trip story coming soon, too!
June 23, 1998 Added more material to the Photography section, added coverage and photos of the Loudon Classic motorcycle racing under the Motorcycles area.
June 16, 1998 Added Anti-Squid pages under "Motorcycles". Added more Rectaltronics product endorsements. More Bytebrother web site and email address updates.
May 27, 1998 Added the story, "The Accident", under "Motorcycles".
April 29, 1998 Various changes, additions, moves, including new items in The Laboratory, new features in Rectaltronics under New/Developmental Technology.  Added some anti-Microsoft pages, FrontPage hints, an anti-SPAM page with links, as well as put in some automated chaff for SPAMbots.
April 10, 1998 Reorganized a little bit. Added/fixed/enhanced the Live Chat with Victor the Rat page and the Mike Meyer reports. Added search functions and guest books to main site and Rectaltronics.
March 10, 1998 Began work on The Laboratory, which will be home to all kinds of strange and wonderful things. Keep an eye on it!
March 6, 1998 The web site is now on a server with FrontPage Extensions, so I've added text search capability to my web site. Give it a try! Some scripts are coming...
March 1, 1998 Added Tribute to Jimmy Pearson and more pages and graphics about LNet and Bytebrothers. Added more material to Travels, posted Certificate of Ordination, Added HotBot search to site map.
February 28, 1998 Additions and corrections to LNet web site and e-mail list, fixed GIF colors in Achoo!, improved forms handling for e-mailing comments and updates.
February 17, 1998 New stuff in Current Events, Photography. Moved site to www.rectaltronics.com, updated the necessary links, etc. Added Tribute to Microsoft, put more goodies in Subversion, too. Configured the guest book via Pagecount.
February 11, 1998 Added Achoo! (spoof of Yahoo!) search site. Check it out!
February 10, 1998 Added info about news:alt.bytebrothers. Email updates. Olympics reference. Updated resume. Added more hidden links to Subversion. Copied bookmarks to web site directory. Submission was made to InterNIC for rectaltronics.com.
February 3, 1998 Changed home page framework due to damned Netscape bug with resizing browser window when tables include Javascript (has to do with right-aligning image in rightmost cell in table).
January 26, 1998 Current Events: Clinton and Lewinsky.
January 16, 1998 Experimenting with new home page menus and graphics.
January 13, 1998 Shrunk lots of graphic files and made thumbnails to improve load times, finally made the Travels page up to date with lots of new places and pictures.
January 10, 1998 Fixed up broken links in the Unabomber's Manifesto, began auditing all the links and HTML, more updates and changes. Replaced Paintbrush with Subversion (in progress).
January 8, 1998 The Jack Daniels WebCAM is now on its own page.
January 5, 1998 Holy Shit!!! A complete redesign has begun! Be patient while things change, and have a happy and healthy New Year...
November 24, 1997 Added more material to Stupid New York City Tricks (Current Events), added Pilot compatibility to Rectaltronics product line, VSDK.
November 14, 1997 Now two WebCam's - the Jack Daniels Cam was added. Also now a link to Kinison.com


March 12 1999

Just one week after being listed on Yahoo!, my Jack Daniels Webcam managed to make USA Today's Hot Site list!  The additional traffic has been a terrific novelty, with almost 1000 hits to the Webcam in just one day and a decent amount of follow-through.   The following is really just highlights and leaves out a LOT.  With this popularity there's not enough time to sift through the logs thoroughly.

Ignoring the people who look at one page and leave in horror, visitors over the last couple of weeks have included Boeing, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc, Monsanto, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Ford Motor Company, Gulf Engineers and Consultants, NASA's Integrated Engineering Systems department at Marshall Space Flight Center, Siemens AG, GeoKon (geotechnical instrumentation), Dallas Semiconductor, Lexmark, Systems Management Arts, Ames Laboratory (Dept of Energy, Iowa), United Technologies Automotive, Warner Bros., Lane Furniture, Visio Corporation, Olympus, Mosaic Communications, Dell Computers, National Computerization Agency at the Korea Network Information Center, Astra Pharmaceuticals, British Petroleum, Weyerhaeuser Corporate Communications, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), IE&E Automotive, Signature Media, Software Spectrum, Avenor Newsprint (France), Eastman Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Herman Miller (office furniture), the U.S. Treasury, Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power (who showed particular interest in our full line of butt plugs), Saper Media Group, Data Stream Systems, Time-Warner Cable, Summit Information Systems, Piedmont Natural Gas, Elgin DDB, DTI Technology, Trupart Manufacturing, Informix, Best Buy, Banco Popular, IBM Microelectronics, Unilever Corporation, Turner Entertainment, Samsung, Cambridgeshire County Council (UK), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Fruit of the Loom, Vermont Electric Power Company, Minnesota Dept of Administration, Holiday Tree Farm, Tandy Corporation, Microsoft, Ernst and Young, Cinergy, Shell Oil UK, Vstream, Beijing Dept of Computer Communications, Symbios/LSI Logic, Bay Area Regional Research Network, Motorola, MCI Mail, Adobe Systems, Bolder Design Labs, Delta Airlines, NCR, Lexis-Nexis, Sony, Mercy Health Systems, Rabo Bank (London), U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Census, Housing and Urban Development, Advanced Micro Devices, Camcare Health Systems, General Electric, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, DHL Worldwide Express, Sola Optical USA, SSG Inc. (aerospace optical instruments), the Mayo Clinic (!), Lockheed-Martin, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks and Cisco, and the Canadian Space Agency.

The people at Coe College, Louisiana State and Tulane U, Texas A&M, Southeast Missouri U, Western Illinois, the Physics Lab at Yale,  Brown U in Providence, Brandeis University, Washington U of St. Louis, New York University, the Alabama Supercomputer Authority, College Militaire Royal de St-Jean, Mills College, University of the Pacific, Rhodes, Xavier U, INTI College (Malaysia), and the Hong Kong Institute of Education came in and looked around, to name just a few.

The U.S. Military showed increased interest in cutting-edge buttplug technology and categorically bizarre content as well, although some visitors were lured in by USA Today's JD Cam link.  Folks who did browse our plugs included the US NAVY's Naval Research Laboratory, Barksdale Air Force Base, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport, Nellis AFB, Luke AFB, Randolph AFB, Brooks AFB, Defense Information Systems Agency, Naval Reserve Information Systems Office, US Army Training and Doctrine Command, Beale AFB, Naval Oceans Systems Center, Naval Medical Information Center, Coastal Systems Station, Naval Reserve, Army Directors of Information Management at Ft Leavenworth, the PENTAGON, Naval Air Warfare Center, U.S. Coast Guard, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Naval Communications Area Master Station, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command, and a NAVY ship!   I could tell you which but I may have to kill you.

Oh yeah, I'm expecting a visit from several black Chevy Suburbans any moment now.

Unique international visits include the Arab Emirates, who universally are looking strictly for sex-related items, and who have outnumbered visitors from the UK and Canada combined!  We've also counted visits from all the usual countries plus Israel, Singapore, Lebanon, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Hungary, Egypt, Namibia, Uruguay, Brunei Darussalam, Peru, Oman, Trinidad/Tobago, Iceland, Guatemala, Kenya, Faroe Isles, Russia and the Ukraine (to name but a few).

Interesting search terms this time around include "humoungus butt plug" from an AOL user, "anal dilation equipment" from a Netcom user, and "electro sex" from someone right in my own neighborhood!  From the "have your cake and eat it too" department is "vibrating penis pump", from someone in Newport News.  "Slicing penis in half" came from a cable modem user on @ Home, and "steel buttplugs rectal" from a visitor in Idaho.  Finally the head scratcher - "wooden buttplugs".  Ouch!

March 5 1999

This week started our relatively un-interesting, but finally getting listed on Yahoo! (http://www.yahoo.com) has done amazing things for site traffic here.  This site is indexed under both ...Fun/Bizarre (to the home page) and ...Fun/Sex (direct to the Rectaltronics catalog).  Referrals from both categories have been roughly equal.

I haven't had the time to do blow-by-blow visitor reports this week due to the increase traffic and personal obligations, but I've easily identified trends of people in sexually repressed countries showing a remarkable interest in sex in general.  I'll analyze this further in a few days.

February 26 1999

The folks at Sony AU started off the week with an thorough look around, followed by Ericsson of Sweden, Applied Business Computers, Mitsubishi Finance International of London, K/P Graphics Corp, MetroNetworks, IBT Multimedia (Netherlands), MGC Communications, E-Soft, Bay Networks, Squeep (don't ask), Fuelman / GasCard, John Hancock, Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture, and the Netherlands Institute of Public Health.  One of the more notable return visitors was Volvo.

Brief interludes included the Italian Ministry of Justice (looking for "spycam" - haha), European Commission Joint Research Center, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, the City of San Diego, the U.S. Coast Guard (looking for "conspiracy theories"!), the law firm of Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, Hydrochem Industrial Services, the National Civil Engineering Labs of Portugal (looking for pirated PalmPilot software, no less), Reflectone (makers of military and commercial aviation simulators and trainers, looking for John Valby material), and the International Bible Society (looking for "BOFA", whatever that is).

Colleges are some of my most frequent visitors, with the more unique hits including University of Versailles.  Also California Institute of Technology, St. Claire and Kingston in Ontario Canada, Kiski Prep in PA, Clemson U, and U of Lincoln Nebraska.

According to Webtrends, the most popular page is still the Rectaltronics catalog.   My home page is a close second with the Frontpage... and Assholes... pages in third and fourth place!  AOL users account for the single largest user base, representing over 10% of the web site's total activity.  Internet Explorer users are now outnumbering Netscape, no doubt due to the popularity of AOL.  Of the Netscape users, about two thirds are using the latest major release.  WebTV has shown a frightening surge in popularity this past week.

Most unusual international visit this week was from Tieto Konts Financial Systems in Latvia!  The frightening part is their browser ID string... "Mozilla/4+(CP/M;+8-bit)".  Visits from Estonia, Luxemborg and Ireland were also noticed.

Clever search term of the week looks like "fucking the dead", from an unidentified web surfer at the University of Cincinatti.  This week, the phrase "conspiracy theories" has edged out "buttplugs" and "bizarre" for most popular search term.

February 19 1999

Reliable local logging has been quite an education.  I've written a log translator to supplement where WebTrends falls short.  And even though this week the web server has spent about 48 hours being down, the access has been amazing.  With all pages being tracked, I can see much more clearly the results of search engine indexing too.   Many hits to the site never even go near the main page, and the actual search terms that lead people to parts of the web site are of a much wider variety than I ever knew.   Regardless, "buttplug" and "bizarre" are still the two most popular terms.

This week for example, Cambridge University Press, Barnes & Noble, Morgan & Finnegan LLC, and DVI Communications all found their way directly to the new Assholes At The Wheel page.  The Frontpage Tips 'n Tricks page has also been getting tremendous referral traffic from many search engines, but still not quite as much as the Rectaltronics Catalog.

Alexa Internet, Credit Lyonnais Rouse, JavaNet, Imation, Fujitsu Australia, Cole & Weber Advertising, Lucent Technology, the CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY, Sunoco, Eli Lilly, Credit Agricole Indosuez, Texas Instruments, Alcoa Aluminum, Merril Lynch, Bentley Engineering, Cable & Wireless UK, Deutsche Telekom, Digital Equipment Corporation, Montana Territories Real Estate, MarkWatch (intellectual property cops!), Turner Entertainment, Intel, IBM Microelectronics, Volvo, Amerada Hess Corporation, Grey Advertising, Sells Printing, Texaco, Florence County Sheriff's Office (Effingham, South Carolina), and the Canada Trust Finance Department have all spent some time in the web site and some much more than others!

Nokia, Lockheed Martin, and Nasa's Jet Propulsion Labs are among the folks who stopped in obviously looking for something else and left just as quickly.

Netcom and AOL users are highly represented in this week's logs, and overall traffic to the site is averaging 170 page views per day.  Virginia is the most highly represented state in the US for visitors to the site.

Rectaltronics has educated the students at University of Technology in Sydney, U of Winnipeg, U of Texas, Ohio State, Harvard, Alaska U, Alberta U, Vermont U, Virginia U, Butler U (Indiana), Minnesota U, Albany, and the Ohio K12, and some of the notable international visits have included Austria and Greece among the usual.

Interesting search term of the week is "Microsoft sucks crap" (twice from two different people!).  Meanwhile, someone looking for "female superiority" ended up on the most anti-feminist page on my web site!  Lotsa laffs.  See /houserules.htm.

February 12 1999

In spite of more unpredictable page counter behaviour, I've tracked visits to the Rectaltronics catalog from Graybar Electrical Products, Secure Computing Corporation, Philips Electronics, Varco (oil drilling rigs, equipment and systems), Neuberger-Berman Investments, Eli-Lilly Healthcare, Trident Data Systems, Berkeley Networks and Bay Networks, SkyCache, DNA Enterprises, Holmes- Murphy Insurance, Cleveland Live, and General Media Publishing.  Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand and Italy complement the strong showing of domestic dial-up visitors this week.

Oregon State and the Missouri-Rolla U of Engineering and Science have visited the site thoroughly and Carleton U has even put a link on their intranet!

IE4 is the single most frequently used browser but still doesn't match the number of various Netscape users of various versions.  Interesting search term of the week is "have you seen where I put...".  I'm sure there was more but the log cut it off.  This must be the same fellow that calls telephone information to find out where he left his wallet.  There's lots of different content on this site but the #1 search term is "buttplug" by a huge margin.

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February 5 1999

Problems with the access logs (provided by Pagecount) started off the week, but some info was filled in by an alternate source, TheCounter.  The web site is still making an impression on schools and colleges this week with visitors from U of Southern California, Arizona State, U of Hawaii, Oberlin College of the Arts (Ohio), Carleton College in Minnesota, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, U's of Kansas, Wisconson, Idaho, and Chicago, as well as U of Alberta.

New Zealand is still at the top of our internation visitors list, with the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealend France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Malaysia, and Australia.

Folks at Digital Equipment Corporation glanced through the Rectaltronics catalogue, as well as people at AMD, AT&T, and Lucent.  J.C. Penney stopped into the site but didn't stay long.  The Farm Service Agency at the United States Department of Agriculture checked in too.  Other visitors include Videotron Communications, PostNet Information Exchange, and American Power Conversion.

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January 29 1999

Exciting international visitors this week include New Zealand, South Africa, and believe it or not, the United Arab Emirates!  Significant business visitors showed an inclination toward heavy industry and included Koch Industries (yeah Wichita!!!), General Electric, John Deere, and Ford.  We've also been visited by the Macon (Georgia) Telegraph, Bank of Western Australia, Tera Computer Company (parallel tasking supercomputers), Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the United States Census Bureau.  Victorial Real - a UK based digital media production outfit - has been enjoying the site thoroughly, with hits registered from at least ten different machines in their organization.

The students of Jefferson County Public Schools in Birmingham, Alabama are getting quite an education this week, as are the folks at Brighton U in the UK, Massey U in New Zealand, Ghent University in Belgium, the psych department at University of Manitoba, U of Alberta, U of Victoria, U of Toronto, and University College of Cariboo in Canada, Ohio State U, Georgetown University, Rice University in Houston, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at good ol' Harvard U.  But none of these can hold a candle to the visit from the Field Robotics Institue at Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania.  Better still, the visiting hostname from CMU leads me to believe that the visitor was none other than the award winning FRI founder Professor William "Red" Whittaker himself.

This week's interesting trend is the over-representation of dial-up users going directly to the Rectaltronics catalog.  We're doing well with tyros overall, with most people using at least 16-bit color and a surprising number of folks using display geometry of 1024x768 or higher.  In the Beta department: With IE4 barely stable as it is, Internet Explorer 5.x is showing up in the logs now.  And from the Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics department: Mac, UNIX, Win98 and Win3x usage is roughly equal.

Interesting hostname of the week happens to be a Linux box, "colombian-necktie.grey17.org", showing that the folks at MIT do have a sense of humour, however strange.

Interesting search term of the week is from someone landing here from the Metabase search site www.go2net.com and using the phrase "plug in her butt".

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January 22 1999

The week of Martin Luther King Day seems off to a quiet start with lots of dial-up business as well as visits from Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba Electronics Germany, Quantum Corporation (yes, that Quantum), National Rural Electric (in Virginia), Holiday Autos international car rental, University of Tennessee Knoxville, Hamburg Technical University (Germany), College of St Mark & St John (Plymouth, England), Curtis Circulation (publishing), and CIBC Wood Gundy (Canadian Financial Research).

I'm now tracking direct hits to the Rectaltronics products page as well as the default page to rectaltronics.com, and I'm tracking referer info so I can see how people are getting here.  What is interesting and wonderful is that there is actually more traffic (as much as five times more) going directly to the Rectaltronics Catalogue than to my home page.  I'm also finding that I'm getting linked from more just the few sites that I turned up via an AltaVista link search, and that many of my page hits are from links being e-mail'd among various people.  There's also lots of "word of mouth" direct hits.  I'm so glad I put in the new counter!  The LookSmart.com portal apparently has this site well-indexed, with my site's pages appearing in the first ten hits searching for "buttplug".  WebCrawler brings the site up quickly under "bizarre".  Now here's the really cool part: HotBot has my site as the #2 result if you search for "free portals"!  Gotta love those guys.

I've also started to track a few anonymous IP addresses as I have time.  Some of these include the (South) Dakota Telecom Group, Carleton Board of Ed, internal addresses at AT&T, and the National Research Corporation.

Users with Windows98 and/or with cable modem services are becoming noticably more prominent in the logs.  The power of decent software bundling is obvious, with Netscape use among Windows98 users being almost nil.  Netscape still appears to own the Windows95, WindowsNT, Mac and UNIX markets.  WebTV seems to be well represented in the crowd aiming straight for the Rectaltronics Catalog.

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January 15 1999

This has been a very good week for Rectaltronics' international business, with visits from Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Israel.  We've been visited by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Laval University of Quebec, ESSI (l'Ecole Supérieure en Sciences Informatiques - part of University of Nice, École des Mines de Paris), the San Bernardino County K-12 school system (er, uh, never mind), the law offices of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Fisher-Rosemount (process controls) Harrison and Star (healthcare advertising), National Reseach (healthcare research), Moody's Investors Service, Anixter (wire and cabling), Relational Data Systems, St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta, and Shell Oil U.S.  Complementing last week's visit by Bristol-Myers Squibb is a visit this week from Procter & Gamble.  Coincidence?  I wonder.

Normally, I don't pay much attention to visitors through dial-up ISP's but topping off the list of interesting ISP visitors this week is Integrity Online - a church based internet service provider that prides itself on blocking "objectionable sites" from its users.  The fox is guarding the hen house...

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January 8 1999

Recent visitors to Rectaltronics.com have included Autodesk (of AutoCAD and 3D-Studio fame), Delta Airlines (researching the Nav-Bird, perhaps?), Microsoft AND WebTV (no shit! I wonder which plug Bill Gates uses...), AOL, Mustang Software (would you believe Qmodem is STILL alive?), Composite Technology Development Inc. (hi-tech ceramics, resins and adhesives), Apple Computers, Bristol-Myers Squibb (maker of "FemTone Vaginal Weights", I kid you not, see http://www.femtone.com), Telia Telcomm of Sweden, Reltec Corp (networking), and the Texas Medical Center. That of course is in addition to the countless hits from individual dial-up internet users.

A little research indicates that I may owe some of my recent popularity to AOL's NetFind and Excite!, whose search engine puts pages from Rectaltronics.com in the top 10 results when searching for "bizarre" and the top 30 when searching for "buttplug". That also explains the frequent visits from "spider-xxxxx.proxy.aol.com".

Interesting statistics: The browser of choice is still Netscape by a comfy margin. Netscape use is an even mix of version 3 and version 4, and one person this week used version 2. One brave Mindspring user was surfing with Netscape 4 on Windows 3.1. OS-wise, Microsoft surfed in using NT but WebTV came in with an operating system that came up as "unidentified" (as did Delta). Mac use appears to be on the rise (due to the I-Mac no doubt) but still very small. The folks at U of Cincinatti are using LINUX now. Afternoon and mid-late evening usage seems to be typical with a peak at 5PM. Weekday usage beats weekends by about 20%. Hit rates are varying wildly, as much as 50 on a few days and as few as 3 this past Tuesday, January 5th.

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