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A brief photo catalogue of my encounters through the United States and Eastern Canada, with a highlight on the unusual... Nothing from outside the 'States yet - I have a passport but haven't broken it in yet. There's so much I've yet to see right here in the U.S.A. Trips to England and Asia are in the works, so come back soon!

Licking County by the way, is in the State of Missouri.

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Bunny RideBunny ride in the children's area of the Canadian National Exposition, Toronto. 1997

Bunny Ride RegsThis is obviously a very dangerous ride, as you can see in this sign close-up!

Contraception Poster 1A poster from the History of Contraception Museum at Ortho Pharmaceuticals, Toronto, Canada.

Contraception Poster 2Another poster from the History of Contraception Museum, Toronto, Canada.

Contraception Poster 3The last of three posters from the History of Contraception Museum, Toronto, Canada.

Indian at Pow-wowIndian at pow-wow, Atlanta Georgia, 1997

Effingham SignWe had an f'ing great time in Effingham, Illinois...

Sunset in IndianaSunset off of I-70, Indianapolis Indiana. 1997

Blue AngelsThe Blue Angels at Cincinnati, Ohio International. 1997

Body Parts??In Tennessee, it seems you can buy almost anything! Like body parts?? I wonder whose.

Booger Hollow, ARBooger Hollow, Arkansas. Not exactly a big town.

Hartford, KYHartford, Kentucky, a small place with a good sense of humor about themselves.

SomewhereI forgot where this was, but it was too good to pass up this photo-op.

T&A?Sometimes amusement is much closer to home.  "Honey, I'm going to T&A" just could be innocent...


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