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Jacobs Ladder

The Lab puts an SEH InterCon PS03a print server through the ringer

We take a look at the Déck Legend illuminated keyboard

HP's hx2755 & hx2795 iPAQs get a long-term review!

Prevent Guest Log Abuse on your site

New toy!  Read the review on the Garmin Quest ...
and how eMachineShop facilitated a custom Quest mount

Read my RANTS about almost everything!

Are you an Asshole at the wheel?

In-depth review of Vamsoft's Open Relay Filter

...and a nice accompaniment, SpamBayes

Want to build your own PC?  Don't do it!!!
...Part II, good grief!!!

Try EXIFRename for your Digital Camera

My obligatory anti-SUV Priceless Parody

Play Sega's New Harley-Davidson Videogame

GOD's Total Quality Control

Universal Y2K Compliance Database

Interactive TV Test Pattern Generator

Chaff for E-Mail SPAMbots

NYC/Tri-State Area Scanning Radio Frequencies

Tips on Microsoft FrontPage and Web Server

Master Whois - the one page you need to trace
all IP addresses and domains

More Reasons to Hate Microsoft.
Yeah, like we don't have enough already!

Two words.  Nursing home.  That has possibilities.

Warm Leatherette.   Join the car crash set.

Why hasn't anyone thought of out-sourcing prisoners?
Now that we're putting them to work, they should be
in great demand.

Is Mr. Softee the makings of a government mind-control
conspiracy? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm going to patent divorce. Then I'm going to sue
every divorced couple in the North America for royalties.
Then I'm going to buy the Vatican with the fortune I'll make.
Can you say "Rent-a-Pope"? I knew you could.

With all the hype about healthy food and living for pets,
why hasn't anyone thought of a dog treadmill?  Just think...
Astroturf, a fake cat...

The Rectaltronics Promotional Video
via RealAudio G2 coming soon!

Boredom on the highway.  See what happens when you
spent too damn much time behind trucks.

(more good stuff coming soon!)

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