Sometime between 2am and 7am Sunday 2/21/99 a red 1997 Honda VFR-750 [links to pictures below!] with black Corbin seat and backrest (and spare Arai F1 helmet strapped to the backrest) was stolen from an ATTENDED underground garage in Rego Park, NY. It was wearing NY license H421U with a license plate frame that reads "I RODE MINE / STURGIS 98". The VIN # is JH2RC3601VM700978.

Distinguishing details include slight cracks and a missing tab in the left side body lowers from tipovers, scuffing on the rear bodywork from the saddlebags and a deep black gouge on the right hand side rear bodywork where some luggage that was strapped down came flailing loose at speed. The license plate assembly was "lifted" about 1.5" from its original location for cosmetic improvement, and the original mounting holes were filled in with black silicone cement. All the small warning stickers were removed, and there's some telltale dulling on the aluminum gas tank cap from fine steel wool where I had removed some deep scratches caused by inattentive tank-bag habits. The tach doesn't read above 2K either - it's mechanically stuck.

The helmet is white and scratched, and has white reflective lettering tape on the back spelling "YAMAHA".

There is a $1000.00 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this crime.  If you have any helpful information, please phone 212-456-5218.  Leave a message if you get a recording.  All information will be kept confidential!

Pictures are about 90K each (33 seconds @ 33.6K)
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