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Nanuet, New York 10954
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Computer Pathways, Inc.
New York, New York

IT Consultant -- 2010-present

Analysis, architecture, implementation, management and support of complete office and back-office computing, telephony and telecommuting systems for small and medium sized businesses throughout the NYC metro area.

IBM Global Services
New York, New York

IT Specialist, Citrix Center of Competency -- 2007-2010

Development and support of country-wide Citrix Metaframe and Presentation Server solutions for worldwide remote accessibility, multi-platform compatibility, software performance and business continuity requirements of Walt Disney, ABC Television and owned companies and for Nissan USA.

Systems Administrator, Integrated Technology Delivery / Server Ops -- 2006-2007

Technical lead for 'round the clock technology delivery and support to Walt Disney Worldwide and owned companies under demanding SLA.  Implementation, consolidation and upgrades of Citrix, Tivoli, middleware and file/print services, VMware and Virtual Server Enterprise and all things Windows/Intel.

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
New York, New York

Technical Advisor, Information Systems / Engineering -- 2001-2005

Technical lead and project manager on coast to coast systems and infrastructure development, management and support.  Migration to Windows 2000/2003, support and upgrades of Exchange systems, Citrix, ISA, MOM, Avid.  Hardware upgrades and SAN transition.  Implementation of security systems, management solutions, messaging, middleware, connectivity.  Integration and consolidation of applications and systems.

Systems Engineer, Information Systems / Engineering -- 1997-2000

Integration of new technology and architecture into the computing enterprise. NT and 2000, BSDI and Solaris UNIX administration, DNS/BIND, sendmail. Web, FTP, SOCKS and HTTP proxy servers, client configurations.  Terminal Server and Citrix, Cubix high-density chassis' and Multitech modem pools, palmtops and wireless devices, CD servers, SMP servers, RAS and Shiva, RPI Network FAX, MS SNA, Patrol, Cisco switches, ISDN, DSL. WLBS and MS Clustering, fiber RAID.  ASP scripting, systems documentation. 24x7 third-tier systems support.

Systems Specialist, Information Systems / Distributed Systems -- 1993-1997

Implementation and management of Netware 3.x and NT 3.x/4.0 file servers, application distribution, security, workstation and LAN software setup, upgrades and support. LAN and WAN coverage, training of installation and support teams, documentation of new and existing systems, internal procedures. Developed migration policies and standards for Windows 95, and was technical lead on initial migration. Installed LAN-based systems in NY, DC, and LA. 24-hour internal support, third-tier. Familiar with IPX/SPX vs. TCP/IP issues and conversion, GSNW, FPNW, server and application migration to NT.

System Manager, Broadcast Operations & Engineering / Systems -- 1986-1993

Analysis and coding of applications on DEC minis and on PCs for Videotape Department media inventory and resource tracking. Report writing and data conversion. 24 hour support to NY and LA, end-user training and assistance, evaluation and acquisition of all hardware and software, vendor relations, PC and network installation and support, union staff interfacing, business proposals. Managed LAN and workstations for in-house and commercial applications in three departments. Coded and managed database and application migration from minis to LANs in NY and LA.

Systems Analyst, Broadcast Operations & Engineering / Systems -- 1985-1986

Analysis and coding of applications on PC's for division. Created system for tracking and reconciling usage of a $60M Videotape Recording Facility, with database views, color printouts, and accounting distribution. Hardware and software installation, support, and troubleshooting.

PC Specialist, Broadcast Operations & Engineering / Telecommunications -- 1982-1985

Design and coding of application software on UNIX- and PC-based systems to manage accounting for ABC's New York Telecommunications Facilities. Supported 3BNet, Tandem systems.

Independent Consulting

Developed and maintained systems for small businesses, and early on created one of the first screen-reading speech synthesis systems for blind PC users. Performed installations and upgrades, and provided telephone and on-site support for PCs and networks. Acquired vast on-line and internet expertise, and established thorough network of support resources.

Currently hosting Internet web, FTP, email and multimedia streaming resources for several domains, for personal and commercial use.


Operating Systems: Windows Server NT 3.1 through 2008 and SBS 2011, Linux, Solaris, SGI & BSDI UNIX, Netware 3.x, Windows 1.x through 7 including CE and Mobile, OS/2 1.1 through Warp, MacOS 8 through X, DOS 1.x to 6.x and CCDOS, DV and -X, CP/M, RSTS/E, VMS, RMS.

Hardware: All varieties of Intel-based PCI, ISA, EISA, MCA boxes and peripherals, blade systems and CUBIX, thin clients and dumb terminals, SCSI and iSCSI, various RAID, SAN, NAS, USB, SATA, FC, also Apple Mac, Sun Sparc, DEC MicroVAX, PDP-11 and -8, AT&T 3Bx, Tandem NSII, various peripherals for imaging, storage, output, networking, host, serial connectivity, multimedia, interface, control, data acquisition, security, barcode.

Software: Citrix, VMware, Virtual Server, Altiris, Backup Exec and Netbackup, MOM, SMS, QIP, ARCserve, Patrol, Quota Advisor, Open File Manager, LANdesk, various LAN management software. Familiar with most popular application, networking, mail, host connectivity, internet, work-group and back-end software, emulation, virtualization, diagnostics, utilities, accessories, security, graphics and multimedia, etc. as they have evolved. Highlights on Microsoft products.

Programming: Visual Basic and VBScript/ADSI, BASIC, WinBatch, MASM, Pascal, C, dBASE, FoxBASE, Clipper, R:base, Paradox, Crystal, BP2, Datatrieve, Oracle, SQL, macro languages, FrontPage/HTML, Javascript, Perl.


Authorized training on Citrix Metaframe, Citrix Presentation Server 4.5, ISA Server, Solaris, Altiris RDP, Avid iNews, Windows NT4 and 2000 Server & Workstation, SMS, Windows 95, Netware 3.11, Paradox.

Queensborough College in Bayside, New York; for Electronic Engineering Technology.

Thomas A. Edison Technical High School in Jamaica, New York; for analog and digital electronic design, and computer technology and programming.