!YoursTruly (16104 bytes)Every lame, pointless personal web site in creation seems to express the idea that once some lost soul errantly traspasses on their little flap of sod on the Internet, that the interloper actually gives a rat's ass who or what the author is.  Some even go so far as to publish humiliating pictures of their ugly nearsighted wives, geeky husbands, retarded siblings, web-footed children, arthritic dogs, stray cats, crippled birds, ferrets, or whatever other imprisoned creatures involuntarily give the author a moment of time, love, or instinctive loyalty. (the latter term obviously applying to the spouses and siblings, not the pets)

You won't find that here.

If you've gotten this far you already know that I periodically have way too much time on my hands, so I end up wasting disgraceful amounts of energy putting silly crap on this web site.  And you've witnessed the nature of the silly crap on this web site so you also know that my mind has obviously suffered from multiple impact traumas.  What else matters?  At least I'm not sitting around surfing porno sites and getting "tennis elbow" from masturbating while trying to close those infernal browser pop-up ads.  And just how did you get here, anyway?

Anyhow, you surely don't give a damn about how I started disassembling everything within reach since I was old enough to control my opposed thumbs, or how I've meddled in electronics and integrated circuits since the time service people actually replaced parts instead of boards, and went to Thomas A. Edison High School in Jamaica, New York and studied electronics, then ended up somehow working with computers instead and now wouldn't have a clue how to plot a gain curve if my life depended on it.   You couldn't possibly care about how I've fiddled with computers since the DEC PDP-8 and learned everything about Intel architecture and programming on an off-the-truck special IBM PC with 64K of RAM.  Nor could you be at all interested in the CB radios, computers, cameras, racing bicycles, motorcycles, and other toys whose bright flashing lights, high technology, and/or gratuitous power, danger, and challenge attracted my attention throughout the years.  Equally meaningless is my long history of participation in BBS'ing and my affiliation with LNet; home of Those Damn Bytebrothers.  Finally, I know that it means nothing to you that I currently work with a great bunch of folks in the I.S. Engineering department at ABC Television and that their tolerance for my peculiarities has been remarkable.

Now get a life, for crying out loud!   Go on, get outta here!  Scat!  Scram!
Go away!  Shoo!  Do something productive with your time ferchrissakes!

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