Motorcycle Mechanical Warnings
a.k.a., "oh, shit!"

1995 Honda VFR750.

The rear brake pedal bracket is anchored to the right rear of the frame by two heavy steel allen bolts. This bracket holds the rear brake lever and master cylinder assembly. In a relatively low speed low-side (right side) the assembly leveraged the upper of the two anchor bolts, causing the threaded tab on the frame to break in half. Since the tab into which this bolt was threaded was part of the main casting, the bike was written off. The cost of stripping the frame and properly welding it (preferably "MIG" welding -according to friends of mine in the aircraft industry) was prohibitive, in addition to the usual bodywork costs.

About a quarter of the Honda owners I've spoken to report one or more handlebar end-weights falling off. Tighten them now, and check them often!

1985 Yamaha RZ350

The oil injector pump is gear driven, off the crankshaft with a plastic gear. These gears live in the same oil bath as the clutch and gearbox. A minor failure of one clutch plate, un-noticeable in terms of performance, caused a small piece or two of clutch plate to go floating around. One piece apparently got caught in the plastic gear and broke it, causing oil pump failure and, of course, piston seizure soon after.

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