The Unabomber's Manifesto

Industrial Society And Its Future

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Psychology Of Modern Leftism
  • Feelings Of Inferiority
  • Oversocialization
  • The Power Process
  • Surrogate Activities
  • Autonomy
  • Sources Of Social Problems
  • Disruption Of The Power Process In Modern Society
  • How Some People Adjust
  • The Motives Of Scientists
  • The Nature Of Freedom
  • Some Principles Of History
  • Industrial-Technological Society Cannot Be Reformed
  • Restriction Of Freedom Is unavoidable In Industrial Society
  • The 'Bad' Parts Of Technology Cannot Be Seperated From The 'Good' Parts
  • Technology Is A More Powerful Social Force Than The Aspiration Freedom
  • Simpler Social Problems Have Proved Intractable
  • Revolution Is Easier Than Reform
  • Control Of Human Behavior
  • Human Race At A Crossroads
  • Human Suffering
  • The Future
  • Strategy
  • Two Kinds Of Technology
  • The Danger Of Leftism
  • Final Note
  • Notes

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