Imagine there being no active shooter drills in schools and businesses.

Imagine not having to strip and empty your pockets to enter every government building.

Imagine police not nervously holding onto their sidearms during traffic stops.

Imagine not having to choose a weapon and/or concealment holster every morning.

Imagine not worrying about ballistic clothing and accessories for your children.

Imagine being able to walk any street at any hour without worry.

Imagine not waking up almost every day to news of yet another shooting.

Second Amendment? Tell me the name of the well-regulated militia to which you belong.

Imagine a country like South Korea – with half the population living within artillery range of its arch enemy – being comfortable with most of its firearms in armories instead of in homes and waistbands.

And as a result, the citizens of South Korea don’t need to worry about any of what I just wrote about. Imagine that.

Tyranny? Good luck fighting with your handguns and rifles when the tanks and APCs roll in flanked by attack choppers, planes and drones.

Self-defense? When will Americans understand that the only reason they would need to carry guns is because nearly any idiot can.

How many of your children, parents, siblings, spouses, aunts and uncles, cousins, co-workers and friends have to die for your right to defend yourself.

Some of you have been sold a proverbial bill of goods. You are being deceived. You are being told that something that may have made perfect sense well over two hundred years ago is still useful and workable today.

It’s not.

You fight tyranny now by voting.

If you want to defend your family and your country, join a branch of the Armed Forces.

Weapons belong in armories.