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Press Release: Hacker Barbie Top Ten Reasons Beer is Better Than Jesus
The Ballad of Bobbitt Bugs in Nature 1.0 and Release 2.0
Chain Letter: Great Sex Chain Letter: Pissing People Off
Troubleshooting Flow Chart Butchering the Human Carcass
Why Dead Mates are Better Than Live Mates Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade
Lost Art of the Drunken Drive Fun Things To Do in an Elevator
The Farter From Sparta Revised Retirement Policy
Questionnaire: Are You a Computer Geek? Hamsters to Supplement the Energy Supply
Avionics: The Nava-Bird Navigation System The Adventures of Harry Wang
Press Release: Microsoft Joe-Bob Assembly Programming Nmemonics
The -Original- Nursery Rhymes Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia
The Shit List Ode to Spam
Glossary of Popular Computer Terms The Plan
The Bastard Computer Operator From Hell Drug Dealers and Software Developers
Health Care FAQ's Why -Did- the Chicken Cross the Road??
Rules of The House Programming Analogies
The Television Business Meetings
The Secret to Wealth and Success Mechanics Glossary

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