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Abe Hirschfeld arrested in NYC

December 11, 1998 -- Brad Berson
Eccentric real-estate millionaire Abe Hirschfeld was arrested today on allegations that he plotted the murder of a former business partner.  When NYC goons, er, police arrived at his home to arrest him shortly before midnight December 9, he reportedly dropped his pants and instructed the officers to perform a sex act.  For this, Abe is now my hero!  Only two months before this, Abe Hirschfeld offered Paula Jones one million dollars to settle her suit against President Clinton.  Whatta guy.

Abe Hirschfeld
Dirt Bike Girls

1998 Motocycle Show

February 13, 1998 -- Brad Berson
"Sex sells", is the predictable motto as the Motorcycle Show returns to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The Hooter Girls joined a variety of conspicuous models and other more subtle seductresses to hawk the goods.

Sex in the White House?

January 26, 1988 -- Brad Berson
Using gratuitous phrases like "the silence [from the Whitehouse] is deafening", the din of the mindless media prattle is mind-shattering. With so many other important events happening around us, do we really need to be bombarded with possible prevarications about the president's penis, and to the exclusion of all other news coverage?

Clinton and Lewinsky
Brad with Cowboy Hat

New York Country

August 8, 1997 -- Brad Berson
Garth Brooks said a mouthful when he proclaimed last night that New Yorkers showed up to his free Central Park Concert in "New York style". Did he realize that meant "drunken, stoned, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and filthy"?

Nassau Nazis Harrass Harley Riders

August 5, 1997 -- Brad Berson
Joining recent anti-motorcycle efforts in Jackson, New Jersey and in White Plains, New York, the Police in Oceanside, Long Island are singling out and harrassing motorcyclists.

Nassau Nazi Cop

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