Credits and Accolades

Some of the more twisted ideas in this web site - namely Rectaltronics, Inc.- can be blam, er, attributed to the Bytebrothers of Wichita, Kansas and to the founders of the LUCIFERnet BBS echo network. I just grabbed the ball and ran with it.  See the LUCIFERnet page on this web site for even more information.

Music soothes the savage beast, and so does comedy! Give John Valby a listen! For a while you could also see his tour schedules and get CD and cassette tape ordering information at Also listen to Killer Pussy, Devo, Pink Floyd, Dead Kennedys, Acid Bath, White Zombie, Yello, APB, OMD, Spike Jones, and Pinkard & Bowden.  Thanks also to admitted crack addict and code-aholic Justin Frankel, whose inexpensive (er, free now) and classy WinAMP MP3 player ( has caused me to accumulate unmanageable gigabytes worth of music to listen to while devising more weirdness for this web site.

This site could not exist without and connectivity.  The site used to be hosted by the tolerant folks at Creative Online on a somewhat taxed dual P-166, but is now hosted from my very own home through SDSL lines provided by Speakeasy Broadband.  The current platform is a home-brew PIII-400 based on an Intel SE-440BX2 motherboard and two Maxtor IDE drives running Windows 2000 Server.  This busy little box also runs many other web and FTP sites as well as Exchange 2000, an inbound/outbound FAX service and WebTrends.

I can barely remember my own name from minute to minute. After tiring of carrying a notebook and hundreds of little slips of paper and cards and lord only knows what else to keep track of all my appointments, addresses, notes, and twisted ideas, I picked up a PalmPilot.  Since then I've been a loyal Palm customer and now own a Palm m505.  I can't even begin to tell you how useful that little gadget is.

None of this would have been possible without the software...

Bill Gates may be the tarantula of personal computing, but he sure knows what software companies to buy or squash in order to come up with decent, marketable software. My web sites are constructed with Microsoft Frontpage and run on a Windows 2000 Server. Find 'em at, as if you didn't know.

It took Adobe's until version 6.0 of Photoshop to give us a multi-level undo, but we've been using it since 4.0!  Still not really for beginners, but indispensable for really good looking graphics. Head over to (duh).

Autodesk's AutoCAD helped me create some of the original wireframe graphics back when it was Release 9 or thereabouts.  If you have $3500 in spare change lying around, see Better yet, just write me a check!

All of the apparently lathe-formed graphics on this site were produced with -Lathe, a shareware package by Daniel S. Baker. This program does only one thing, but does it well and does it quickly and with style. Unfortunately, Mr. Baker seems to have disappeared into the ether so I can't pay him for his nifty software.  DANIEL, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!

GIF Construction Set 32 has facilitated the production and editing of the animated GIF's here. Give the productive pagans at Alchemy Mindworks a visit.   They have lots of great graphics toys, such as Graphics Workshop, and they have a great approach to software licensing too.

Since I honestly don't care much for Graphic Workshop's interface, general image management is being done with ThumbsPlus, from Cerious Software.. Fine piece of software, and more so if they would get HPGL/PLT formats going so I don't have nightmares converting AutoCAD output. But hey, it can read mammogram -format files so it can't be all that bad.

Alex Kunadze's CuteFTP ( has proven absolutely invaluable for quickly and easily posting updated code to my ISP. It's very configurable and simple to use, and works well through firewalls and SOCKS servers, too, unlike that inconceivably popular but utter crap WS_FTP.

A Connectix QuickCam ( delivers cheesy monochrome images of my office. $50 for a refurbished unit was an irresistable deal. Prescient Systems Gotcha! ( helps keep my office safe. So far, that cleaning lady has only taken a few jelly beans!

Paul A. Steckler wrote WinBiff; an E-mail checker that works with Exchange and Outlook, MAPI, POP3 and IMAP4, CC:Mail, Notes, Groupwise, Eudora, Pegasus, and Waffle. It lets me know when mail comes in, and plays different sounds according to the contents of the From and/or Subject fields. The program is well-integrated with Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT 3.5x and 4.0. See for more information.

Clay Shirky is a fine writer as well as a studious HTML author, and I have him to thank for having converted the Unabomber's Manifesto into browsable form. Check out his web page at

I'd also like to extend my thanks and gratitude to:

The good folks at Symantec, for keeping all those young hackers busy writing virii (good business, that). Who's got more hackers, you or McAfee??

Bill Gates and company, for figuring out how to make OS/2 even more of a pig than IBM could ever have made it (NT 4.0). 64Kb should be enough for anyone, right? Now that I have 160Mb of RAM, it runs pretty much OK.

Netscape. I like anyone whose mere existence is a catalyst for Bill Gates' need for stomach acid remedies. Active-X? Hah!!!

Whoever though of NC's. You know, network computers. And people complained about X-Windows! The funniest part is, everyone knows HTML isn't up to the task so it's being redefined. One step forward, two steps back...

Please, remember to recycle!


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