Clinton vs Lewinsky - Scandal or Scam?

January 26, 1998 -- Brad Berson

As if we weren't tired enough hearing about Paula Jones, now we have every news agency, paper and station prattling on endlessly about Monica Lewinsky's unwitting allegations of sexual relations with President Clinton in the Whitehouse. There's only one problem - it's all hearsay based on taped conversations between Linda Tripp and Miss Lewinsky.

Hey folks - I can boast to everyone who'll listen to me that I slept with Christie Brinkley, but the likelihood of finding DNA evidence of her vaginal mucous in my moustache is predictably small.

Let's talk about Miss Lewinsky for a moment, who apparently is so twisted that she alleges to have kept as a souvenir a semen-stained dress from her oval-office encounter. The woman is clearly obsessed and psychotic.

Then you have to wonder about the agenda of someone like Tripp, who then tapes all these gossip sessions. Of course, she's a Republican. No mystery as to motive.

Everyone seems quick to opine that, assuming guilt on the part of El Presidente and sweet purity and innocence on the part of the Intern, the President should know better. Reality check: It takes two to tango. Of course we still don't know if they did anything else than tango.

The last laugh is the opinion polls regarding the public's feelings that the President's moral values represent the moral values of America's people. It seems the President is losing some points there, but not a lot. It's no wonder! Just take a look at the rate of infidelity in the United States. The President's moral standards perfectly represent those of the American people.

The saddest part of this media feeding frenzy is that with all the other important things happening in our country and around this world - talks in the war-torn middle east, the Pope in Cuba, the Hussein problem, and our own issues of debt, education, taxes - that newscasters left the other countries in droves to come to Washington D.C. to cover the Presidential Penis Politics.

How pathetic, that American media and supposedly, the American people are so concerned about the President's sexual habits that they're willing to ignore the rest of the world and wait for the next bit of gossip. And worse, the same people are ready to convict the President on hearsay and rumours, and begin talking of resignation and impeachment. Who cares?? We shouldn't. Not unless President Clinton's proclivities are affecting his ability to perform his job. Right now, the MEDIA and the PEOPLE WHO BOW TO THIS MEDIA FRENZY are interfering with the President's ability to perform his job. Get a life!

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