Free Interactive Y2K Compliance Test
by Brad Berson and Rectaltronics, Inc.

As January 1st, 2000 grows closer, increasing scrutiny is being given not only to computers and utilities, but to consumer electronics, appliances, automobiles, and convenience items of every kind.   People are wondering if banks will fail, airplanes will fall from the sky, buildings will go dark, elevators will rocket through roofs, hairdryers will shoot flames, software will go awry, computers will crash, etc.  Some fears are more realistic than others.  While we're pretty sure that Armegeddon is not around the corner, it's good for the consumer to find out just what to expect.

Rectaltronics, Inc. has done exhausting research and compiled information from thousands of resources and years of experience to bring you the most unique and thorough Y2K compliance database in existence.  And the best part is, it costs you nothing.  You don't even have to face any annoying banner ads.  Well, not yet, anyway.

How does it work?  Simple!  You fill out a brief form that describes what you are researching for Y2K compliance, and submit that form.   A few seconds will go by while our massive product Y2K database is searched by our incredibly powerful web server, and then a page will appear that will inform you of the product's Y2K compliance status.  You can then print the page or save it to your hard drive for later reference.  You can then return to the inquiry form and inquire about more products if you need.

Rectaltronics, Inc. respects your privacy.   None of the information submitted will be sold or used for commercial Email or used for any kind of database or research.  Why do we supply this service you ask?   Because we at Rectaltronics, Inc. believe it's in our best interest to educate a consumer as much as possible, and we're happy just for the opportunity to have our name in your face while we do it.

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