1998 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally "T'n'A" Photos

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Sturgis1998-tna1 Sturgis1998-tna2 Sturgis1998-tna3 Sturgis1998-tna4
Sturgis1998-tna5 Sturgis1998-tna6 Sturgis1998-tna7 Sturgis1998-tna8
Sturgis1998-tna9 Sturgis1998-tna10 Sturgis1998-tna11 Sturgis1998-tna12
Sturgis1998-tna13 Sturgis1998-tna14 Sturgis1998-tna15 Sturgis1998-tna16
Sturgis1998-tna17 Sturgis1998-tna18 Sturgis1998-tna19 Sturgis1998-tna20

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