Things that just friggin' PISS ME OFF.

NYC's Motorcycle Dealers Suck, May 2011

Boycott Colombian Coffee, January 2009

THINK Before You Forward, December 2008

Dredging Up the Past, Hilton Hell in 2001

Doctor Do-Little, May 2008

So Much for HP's Support!, January 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green, July 2007

I'm Breathing Dead People, September 2006

What's in a Sound?, February 2006

The Internet's No Fun Anymore, January 2006

Voice Over IP Providers, April 2005

Tech Support AGAIN, March 2005

Cell Hell, June 2004

License the Internet, May 2004

Bullshit on Broadway, April 2004

The Entertainment Industry, January 2004

Boulevard of Darwinism, December 2003

Joy of Outsourcing, November 2003

The Smoking Gun, July 2003

Movie Malcontent, June 2003

Nukular Proliferation, January 2003

Spam Insanity, December 2002 UPDATED! Feb. 2006

Holiday Shopping, December 2002

Technical Support, November 2002 UPDATED! Nov. 2003

Movie Malcontent, July 2002


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