Nukular Proliferation

This weekend I went to see Star Trek Nemesis, which should have been called Star Trek 007 due to its striking similarities to the typical James Bond plots and characters.  FYI, Brad says "two thumbs up my nose."  Most die-hard Trekkies will feel lukewarm about this flick but there was plenty of action, some laughable moments (as well as laughable characters, like the villain who somewhat resembles Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers"), and a tiny and predictable twist in the end.

But during the 20 minutes worth of previews I had to endure a trailer for The Core, which is due to be released in March 2003.  The movie itself doesn't appear to be that unusual or dismal (or at least any more dismal than the plethora of other lets-terrify-everyone films), but the cheesy dialogue pressed one of my many buttons.

It's not the least bit surprising when our own President of the United States, George W. Bush, can't pronounce "nuclear" - nor could several presidents preceding him, or a shocking number of other backwoods relics holding public office appointments.  And I don't have to dig around a whole lot for reasons to dislike the chimp, given his war-mongering foreign policies.  Illiteracy takes an understandable back-seat to all that.  But somehow I expect more from the highly paid actors, directors and post -production editors involved in the creation of multi-million dollar epic American films.  So when I hear Aaron Eckhart, unbelievably playing the role of GEOPHYSICIST Dr. Josh Keyes, pronounce "nuclear" as "new-cue-lir" twice in the same breath I have to believe that the end of the world is nearer than the movie even pretends.

HEAR ME PARAMOUNT!  You sicken me.  Aaron Eckhart sickens me.  Your directors sicken me.  Go back to school, all of you, and don't come back until you can present a graduation certificate that doesn't have sugary crumbs of breakfast cereal stuck to its cardboard back.


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