I'm Breathing Dead People
September 2006

The fifth anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001 is just a few days away now, and today the headlines tell of chronic illnesses among the workers at and near the site of the towers, following five years of studies and investigations.

As if this were some unexpected revelation.

When the first tower fell and I watched that enormous dust cloud billow over downtown Manhattan, my very first thought was "oh, crap, those buildings were grandfathered out of the federal asbestos abatement requirements".

OK, call me a cold bastard for thinking about the ecological disaster before the tragic deaths of thousands of innocent working-class people.  Go ahead.  Get it out of your system.

I'm not totally inconsiderate mind you, I did have those feelings for the doomed thousands beforehand, right about the time I realized this was an attack on our country and our way of life and not some errant idiot in a Cessna.  Then just before the first tower went down I was muttering some opinions about the fucking Arabs that were no doubt responsible for this.  But let's focus back on the point of this rant...

The government lies to you.

They do it every day and with almost whimsical ease.

Don't make too much fun of the conspiracy theorists - fifty years from now, if you live that long, I bet you'll find out that half of them were right, or all of them were half-right, or something.

I understand why the government lies of course.  Without getting unnecessarily analytical, I'll just say it's important to keep the masses calm and ignorant.  In most cases its under the guise of national security (often read: covering the President's ass).  In this case, nobody wants a stampede.  Or more of a stampede at least.  And the economic impact of nine million New Yorkers grabbing gas masks and heading for the hills could bring this capitalist country of ours to its proverbial knees.

What bothers me is how easily the majority of you citizens will accept these lies, fabrications and cover-ups.

That doesn't mean you should adopt the tin-foil hat religion and immediately dismiss everything in mainstream media in favor of paranoid ramblings from the so-called free press.  It means you should scrutinize the information you receive and the sources from which you receive it.  This is the Information Age; it has never been easier or faster to perform research.  Use some common sense!

First of all, ignoring the asbestos, what makes anyone think that the dust and dirt from the uncontrolled collapse of two enormous 1000+ foot high buildings could ever be completely harmless?  Shame on you fools, whose gullibility is matched only by the audacity of the government officials who swore the air was fine.

More importantly, can I really be the ONLY person in this city of nine million people who remembered the asbestos problem with the World Trade Center towers?  The Port Authority, a greedy, shameless private organization masquerading as a public utility, abused their stature to weasel their way out of asbestos abatement requirements, spending years in court fighting their legal and moral obligations.  It's been on TV and in the news papers.  I know it wasn't featured on HBO's "Sex and the City" but still, how could you not remember.

Of course I'm not the only one who knew.  And that is precisely why the EPA had to work so hard to pound their lies into your mushy little brains.  Christine Whitman, that useless fucking bitch, that criminally negligent miserable worthless cunt, stood there in front of TV cameras day after day and lied her fucking ass off at the insistence of the National Security Council.

Thanks, President Bush and Christine ass-puppet Whitman.  Fuck you both, right in your respective eye sockets.  Thousands of dim-witted but well-meaning sheep foolishly took your word for it, working like animals in the futile hopes of finding someone alive in the millions of pounds of wreckage, with little or no protection from what they were being exposed to.  Most now suffer health problems as a result, and many will eventually pay for it with their lives, in some cases enduring slow, agonizing sickness before they finally expire.

The collapse of the WTC towers released TEN MILLION POUNDS of asbestos-containing material.  Remember, asbestos is unsafe to breathe in any amount.  It is absolutely guaranteed to cause permanent lung and stomach scarring and is well- known to cause an incurable variety of cancer.  Dust samples later taken one block from the site consisted of nearly one percent asbestos.  This is a huge amount.

Asbestos is far from being the only toxic material in the WTC dust, but it is the one that is internationally banned and is the most sinister in its long-term effects.

It is likely that the number of deaths resulting from toxin exposure during the WTC rescue and clean-up efforts will approach - and may even eventually surpass - the number of deaths recorded due to the attack.

If that doesn't give you the heebie-jeebies...

A few years ago some clever folks visited a nearby TriBeCa apartment and sprayed the walls with Luminol.  Anyone who watches CSI knows this as the stuff investigators use to find blood evidence in crime scenes.  The results were dramatic but not unexpected - the pervasive dust that blanketed downtown Manhattan also consists of human remains.  Even after large scale cleanup efforts, inside and out, a fine layer of human remains now coats everything touched by that dust cloud.

If there's a bright side, it is that vaporized human remains are not known to be toxic!


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