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When you play
Harley-Davidson: The Game you:

  • Play H-D Alphabet and create your own Hog!
    Use the "Yahtzee" randomizer option and you could be the proud rider of a Sport Shovel Low Fat Tourer, Sturgis Anniversary Edition!  Woof.
  • Customize your hog!
    Choose from a vast market of useless chrome accessories and polishing kits
  • Get sickeningly loud unmuffled pipes!
    (because Loud Pipes Save Lives, ya' know)
  • Buy a beanie helmet!
    Adorn the useless skid-lid from a selection of hundreds of offensive stickers, or forget the beanie altogether and ride free!
  • Roll the yuppie dice!
    Get "snake-eyes" and you'll end up a despicable RUB (Rich Urban Biker).  Roll a lucky number instead and you can...
  • Pick a pillion!
    Choose among dozens of young, trashy 25 year old ladies who look 50+ and ridden hard, to keep your ride's seat warm as Harley-Davidson: The Game progresses

Once you're properly outfitted you can:

  • Get stuck in traffic and overheat
  • Drop valves and break crankshafts
  • Make pleasant roadside stops when bolts and screws vibrate loose
  • Leak oil in every parking spot (if it ain't bleedin' it ain't alive!)
  • Wave to fellow Hog riders
  • Flip the bird to those Jap-bike rice racer pussies
  • Temporarily sway negative public opinion with "toy rides"
  • Intimidate passersby
  • Find dead-end, menial employment
  • Be hassled by police in small towns
  • Lose your teeth in bar brawls
  • Go for weeks without showering
  • Get tattoos and piercing
  • Flip the bird to those Jap-bike rice racer pussies AGAIN
  • Live to ride, ride to live
  • Drink beer and ride.  Try to outrun the pigs while piss-drunk!
  • If you can outrun the pigs, you reach:
    Harley-Davidson: The Game's special bonus wet T-shirt contest.
    Enter your scooter trash and see if she puts out for you tonight!

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