Digital Camera Accessory Software
by Brad Berson

EXIFRename Screen ShotEXIFRename is a Microsoft Windows(tm) utility for renaming files created by and downloaded from digital cameras.  This software is currently in "alpha" stage and is not yet posted for download, but will be very soon.  You may request a test copy by e-mail.  It cannot and will not damage files but some features and help data is not ready yet.  brad.berson @ rectaltronics.com

EXIFRename gets its name from the format of these files, a superset of JPEG and TIFF known as EXIF.  Unlike most normal JPG and TIFF files, those that come from digicams also contain information about the camera settings, exposure data, date and time, and even a thumbnail depiction of the image.  Unfortunately, in spite of all that information, digicams rely on nearly useless and error-prone sequential naming schemes for the picture files.

EXIFRename picks up where your digital camera leaves off.  It scans through your digicam's files (after they've been downloaded) and renames each of them using a template of information such as the date/time the photograph was taken, the camera brand and model, and even the respective exposure settings.  You can select from a set of pre-defined templates or create your own.  You can create a sensible naming scheme for your files that suits your needs, and with a wisely chosen template, never have to worry about accidentally over-writing important photographs.  EXIFRename even re-sets the DOS file date/time stamp to match the EXIF data, in case the stamp is lost or altered while copying files or due to NT's daylight savings bug.

EXIFRename was written with Microsoft Visual BASIC 6.0 and tested primarily using files from a Nikon CoolPix 950.  The test platforms are Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows 2000 Professional.

Some features of EXIFRename were based loosely on the functionality of Cameraid, a more sophisticated and full featured program that is only available on the Apple/Mac computing platform.  Cameraid includes image enhancement and lossless JPEG image rotation.

I do not have plans to copy all the features of Cameraid, but welcome suggestions on improving the functionality of the program within the current vision of its feature set.

EXIFRename was designed using information from:

I recommend the following web sites and programs for software that handle photographs using EXIF format:

I have also written ASP (Active Server Page) scripts for Internet Information Server 4.0 and later, which decode the EXIF data from EXIF JPG images as well as extract thumbnails.  For examples of the available script functionality, please click here.  All script source code is available for licensing for private and commercial use.

Please come back soon to download and try the production release of EXIFRename!

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