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Below are pointers to the homes of just a few of the folks
called the Bytebrothers, who make LUCIFERnet that
happy, twisted on-line home it is today.

Last update: [November 19, 2010 23:37]
Click here to read about the 1998 Bytebrothers Bash at the Wichita Riverfest
Big Al Big Al's Trash City Mal Brownell
and The Shrine
Mals Cave Pig
Stewie John Stewart Ben Askew BHA Logo
Bob Crawford pic Bob Crawford Bundy Chanock Bundy
Swalens Home Doug Swalen Kelly Rosato Silly Car
Busy Hasty Gary Hasty Danny Clark Brains!
glogo.GIF (6415 bytes) Dr GonZo
Patrick Spreng Blues Bros
Edgar Edgar Harris Michael Wagner Wag's Van
Forbin Project John Friel III Joseph Sheppard
OS/2 Jeff Creed Michael Richmann (3994 bytes)
foshee.gif (2638 bytes) Richard Foshee Clifton Crews Warrior1.GIF (1763 bytes)
Kevin Enns Pab Sungenis
...and some sites that are just too boring to have a logo...
Birdie Bob Woodard Keith Willis Birdie
Birdie John Baron Ray Perkinson Birdie
Birdie Gene Kwiecinski Mark Maisel Birdie
..and some sites that are too pathetic to comprehend...
Birdie Judi Matthews Kami Scott Birdie
...and a page right here for the poor schmucks who have no web presence at all!
Birdie Terry Muir

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